The United States of America (USA) announced 12 October, 2017 that it will not pay its past due UNESCO contributions of more than US$500 000 000 and will withdraw from a full member to 'observer' status.  

WHI believes that all governments around the world should be fully engaged in progressing UNESCO's (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) programmes to conserve the natural and cultural treasures of the world. Since its inception in 1945, UNESCO's now 195 members and 10 associates have designated more than 1000 natural and cultural heritage sites across the world.  In addition to world natural and cultural site designation, UNESCO global programmes include: family planning; literacy; and gender equity.  The most effective progress in resolving mutiple global challenges, that affect all cultures and regions around the world, depend upon all governments - including the USA - to be fully participating partners in the UNESCO multilateral process.